Coffi Da

Coffi Da

The Story of Coffi Da….

 Here at Môr we truly believe there is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and that is why we’re really proud to present ‘Coffi Da’, roasted right here in our home county of Pembrokeshire. Coffi Da, quite simply being Welsh for ‘Good Coffee’ and that’s exactly what we wanted our coffee to be – simple but great!

 We’ve spent our time in lockdown developing what we think is a great range of coffee with something to suit every coffee lover. We also wanted to make sure that our coffee represented our small family business and all that is important to us, so here’s a brief breakdown of what makes Coffi Da, Coffi Da. The boat has slowly become a symbol of us here at Môr, it means a lot to us as it is a drawing of our three times great grandfather’s boat ‘The Zeal’ which was moored right here in Tenby harbour for many years from 1901. The boat was drawn by us from a photograph which features two figures in the boat – our great, great, great grandfather and his father.

 Each of our coffee is numbered and has its own separate coloured strength label. These may appear to be randomly chosen however, there is a reason and story behind every number and every colour. For example No.1 (or Rhif. 1 in Welsh) is number one as it was our very first blend, it’s also the same shade of blue as our shop front. Number 31 is for our grandad’s birthday and the colour is the exact colour blue that his boat was, which as a family we grew up on. This boat was called Seren-Y- Môr. Our shop name, to most will simply be the Welsh word for ‘Sea’ however to us it means much more as our shop was named after Seren-Y- Môr.

 We’re really proud to present to you …Coffi Da. We hope you love it as much as we do. Mwynhewch!